In the world of training, diets and weight loss, which is many times geared towards someone somewhere making a quick buck from your average person who simply wants to make some lifestyle improvements, get that little bit leaner and so on, there is much misinformation.

Call me a sceptic, but much of the information out there, is put out there simply to have people reliant on the same old industries, selling plans, potions and ideas to generate revenue and keep people falling off of the wagon, working out, burning out, gaining the weight back and generally spending money in all of the wrong areas.

Also note that many of these “Gurus” spend their time bathed in glorious sunshine in tropical climates, this is great for them, however the story isn’t the same for most in their reality.

If you want to know where the misinformation is, simply follow the $£ signs…..If there’s something being sold, you can guarantee a few things. You are going to be working out much more than you planned, spending out unnecessarily and burning out before you know it.

When you hear a self-professed “health leader” say, all you’ll need to buy is a pair of trainers or another piece of equipment which can be sourced at very low cost ‘pre-loved’ etc. (which goes for trainers too). You know that person, who isn’t selling an e-book plan, has attained results, may just want to help you.

Why am I writing this post? Like most people I struggled for years to find the correct balance of diet, calorie sources, inflammation control, exercise protocols, immune support and general gut health promotion techniques to help me attain a reasonable level of conditioning all year round.

Where it all started. Why your body secretly hates exercise.

Humans are not supposed to exercise perse. We are nomadic and frugal eaters who historically would have sourced “low calorie expenditure food” in a climate that provides abundant choice of foods. So to put this simplistically, if we can be satiated on foods which can be picked, plucked and pulled from the earth, eaten raw or boiled in a hot spring to facilitate consumption and increased absorption of starches.
We would rather do this than to risk life and limb chasing wild animals for miles upon miles in order for a calorically high fat, high protein meal (This would be a rare treat, not “survival” when other options are plentiful), when there is an abundance of fruit, nuts, seeds and so forth which provide amino acids, protein and a full range of macro nutrients at little to no calorie (effort) expenditure.

Humans are lazy
Yes, humans are hard wired to be lazy. However this doesn’t mean that we should become lethargic. Movement is good, but we need to rewire our brains in order to motivate ourselves (since hunger is no longer a motivator for foraging) to pursue exercise for maximum benefit. We want to see results and fast and when this doesn’t happen, when we get stressed by exercise, sore joints and so forth, we become despondent, and then give up.
Not everyone, but the vast majority. Humans are no longer foragers, we have no urgency to forage for the next meal, and we are in a state of feast! This is part of the problem, a large part of the modern day consequence of rising obesity, amongst other issues.

How can I program myself to become lean? The answer isn’t simply a case of trying to talk to yourself “I will be thin, I can be thin” I believe affirmations are no substitute for objective information.

Vegan (no protocols) Vs Vegan (with protocols)

My FREE guide is a top level overview on how to get lean, stay lean, stay free of illness, of seasonal gut disorders and dysbiosis, with the minimum of effort, which we call “Sustainability”. Sustainable for any region and climate, any age and any budget, exercise should be free (and largely pain free), so anybody telling you to part with £$, consider that you may be looking for the answer again when you become despondent.
I am not saying don’t buy into their ideas, however no matter who tells you XYZ, they are still ONLY ideas, does it work for them and can they prove it works in a colder less tropical climate? (why are they in those more favourable, sunny climates telling everyone how easy fitness is?!).

I have for the last 27 weeks from 2018 – 2019 been Intermittent Fasting, I will update and post a blog regarding my protocols surrounding intermittent fasting, with an overview guide of my daily meal plan and weekly exercise structure/ routine.


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