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I have been asked a number of questions surrounding my health protocols, and due to interest, I thought it might be easier to address a few of those regular questions in a Blog post.

Since January 2020 (and even before if you had been paying attention) the world has suffered a lot of change at the hands of certain, shall we say ‘entities’. Not to name any names or raise to any “Conspiracy Theories”, although I am absolutely sure we can remove the idea that the events surrounding the date of January 2020 are anything but “Theoretical”, but I digress.

We find ourselves increasingly in this time, of at least the last 90 to 100 years or more, with the need to be astutely aware of the threats that surround us, mainly in terms of our immediate ‘environment’. What do we mean when we say our ‘environment’? We would do well to consider everything that we plan on passing past our lips (and or not eventually digesting), rubbing into our skin (absorbing into our blood stream), our breathing air quality, daily exposure to EMFs (especially large 70-80 GHz+ Towers), drinking water quality, the benefits of nature including sunlight (we are told constantly the dangers of sunlight and benefits of chemical sunscreen), government “advised” prophylactic ‘treatments’ (let’s remember who these people actually are and their lineage and history).

We would certainly do well to remember the historical Chinese model of doctoring (known as Yuanhua). How did Chinese Herbalist and Doctors become so proficient at reversing and dealing with the ailments of their clients in all of those bygone years? Plain and simply, if the doctor’s client was sick, the doctor was not paid, if the client was well and remained so, the doctor was paid. This is objectively a dichotomy (complete reversal) comparatively with todays Western doctor/consultant, who appears to be paid whether the client or patient lives in sickness, or dies as a result of a mistake or side effect of a pharmacuetical procedure.

This, as a I alluded to earlier, is the exact reasoning as to why we as free and sovereign men, women and children, we must remain open minded to the possibility that “Alternative Medicine”, as the Billionaire Oligarch Rockerfeller coined it; might just be the “Actual Medicine” and indeed “Natural Medicine” for the optimum functioning and modulation of the human immune function and bodily systems!

Rather wait for ill health to creep up on us, we can build strength into our bodily function and systems and head off Dis-ease before it ever comes close. Needless to say there is little to no long term profit for the industrial sickness management complex for this type of model, you have been warned!

I myself practice the various protocols of these ancient and many times supressed supposedly “Alternative” therapies and home-made medicines. Combining Ayurveda (India), Chinese Medicine (Jing and Qi).

These include the use of:

  • Wildcrafted Medicinal Mushrooms,
  • Apoptic Iodine* and Iodide* (Topical/Ingested),
  • Catechins (Green Tea/Matcha),
  • Melanin (Naturally occurring food sources),
  • Chelation (Matcha, Chlorella, Activated Charcoal*)
  • Grounding your body,
  • Eating mainly unsprayed plants,
  • Eating plenty of unsprayed fruits,
  • Getting plenty of sunlight safely,
  • Drinking high quality water (not municipal tap water),
  • Low impact cardiovascular exercise (once or twice weekly for longevity),
  • Core exercise and calisthenics style exercise for total body strength,

*Seek expert advice

Whilst I do sell one or two of these items in my secure online website store. I always advise people to also learn the process of creating these “medicinal” solutions and have included the recipe for the most powerful Immune Modulation Extraction I have ever used. There is plenty of information so head over here:    My Vitality Elixir   [opens in new window]

Is there any reference to what I mention above in modern scientific study?

Apoptic effect of Iodine, namely 6-Iodolactone (from the topical application or ingestion of Lugols Iodine 15% in solution one drop to 500ml or 1Litre!*)

*Seek expert advice

Reference – NIH


An iodinated derivative of arachidonic acid, 5-hydroxy-6-iodo-8,11,14-eicosatrienoic acid, δ-lactone (6-IL) has been implicated as a possible intermediate in the autoregulation of the thyroid gland by iodine. In addition to antiproliferative and apoptotic effects observed in thyrocytes, this iodolipid could also exert similar actions in cells derived from extrathyroidal tissues like mammary gland, prostate, colon, or the nervous system. In mammary cancer (solid tumors or tumor cell lines), 6-IL has been detected after molecular iodine (I2) supplement, and is a potent activator of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor type gamma (PPARγ). These observations led us to propose I2 supplement as a novel coadjutant therapy which, by inducing differentiation mechanisms, decreases tumor progression and prevents chemoresistance. Some kinds of tumoral cells, in contrast to normal cells, contain high concentrations of arachidonic acid, making the I2 supplement a potential “magic bullet” that enables local, specific production of 6-IL, which then exerts antineoplastic actions with minimal deleterious effects on normal tissues.


What does Apoptic mean?

Reference –

“A type of cell death in which a series of molecular steps in a cell lead to its death. This is one method the body uses to get rid of unneeded or abnormal cells.”

I feel just fine, why should I consider any of this? The short answer is that I felt fine whilst I had HPV, I felt fine whilst I had an early stage basal cell carcinoma on my face which I reversed, I felt fine (apart from the pain at night) whilst I had full symptomatology of Rheumatoid Arthritis for 2 weeks (before reversing it).

Left unchecked our immune system can edge its way to falling off of the proverbial cliff. Then and only then will we realize that modulating our immune system and supporting our liver, and other organs is vitally important to remain in optimum condition and have optimal energy levels, to overcome and deal with any potential depression , to feel good about ourselves and others, to be happy in and out of ourselves.

If you are happy to one day suddenly wake up unable to move due to back pain etc, or break into facial hives and then seek medical intervention (and I actually know people this has happened to), or receive a sudden diagnosis of x,y,z, I would consider researching the above.
The medical allopathic community has a long way to go in learning to deal with what they call Auto Immune (in translation “we don’t know how to treat this”); a group of dis-eases they are ill equipped to treat (due to having their hands tied many times) and the pinnacle of treatment is to disable and or supress your immune function (Very Dangerous) . To put it in perspective, nature has spent millions and billions of years perfecting what the allopathic community has tried to do by isolating compounds from natural sources in order to patent, for only 100 years. In the face of the power of natures intelligence the allopathic community really has no idea.
Of course they have had small wins here and there, but even then many timelines and events have been obscured for allopathy to claim those “wins” against so called dis-eases.
But when we see Cancer Consultants getting cancer at the same rates as the general public, having mastectomies, and still taking those incredibly large wages and when we see health institutions, doctors and nurses having an obesity epidemic and serving Burger King in hospital food courts, it can only mean that criminals are likely running those “health” services into the ground in order to privatize them……yes that’s correct, these same criminals are actually looking to privatize hospitals in the UK.

I will hopefully get around to posting some more updates, let me know if there is anything you specifically would like me to post about.

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