“Due to the modern lifestyle of humans we have literally, metaphorically and physically become detached or insulated from earth!

Earthing and Grounding are an essential part of life on earth, with all elements and beings essentially being grounded to the earth. That is to say (by our understanding) that the negative electrons on the surface of the earth equal out or positive charge is discharged and equalized when a conductive positively charged entity, object or being comes into contact with an earth (the ground for example).

Due to the modern lifestyle of humans we have literally, metaphorically and physically become detached or insulated from earth! This means that we are now more positively charged than ever. Whether we are wearing rubber soled shoes, standing on positively statically charged carpets or being blasted by ionizing/ radio frequency radiation, we are often lacking the benefits of earthing or grounding.

“Wait a minute, Earthing AND Grounding!?”

Yes there is a slight technical difference and will attempt to explain why!

Whole Body Grounding


Targeted body zone grounding

Ancestors slept on the ground negatively charged electrons but we are now insulated by rubber shoes and soles and to a degree asphalt or concrete, although asphalt and concrete can supply a small amount of grounding.

“What Is Grounding?”

Grounding mats (Carbon infused or copper wire impregnated)

Direct grounding rod for outside earth rod grounding

Conductivity tester, for testing earthing quality of a mat or bed sheet

Bed sheets (organic cotton) are sometimes problematic in that they wear out during washing cycles and also become coated by body oils.

What constitutes Grounding?

Electrical system of a home for example, downside is dirty electricity or electrical flux.

Turning off circuits in the sleeping area, toroidal electrical/ magnetic electrical (EMF) fields from cables in the walls of the room/s.

Body voltage is charge in the body, if earthed you need to isolate the wires in the sleeping zone, possibly using an ECD/ Circuit Breaker, which isolates the circuitry.

As well as body zone targeted bare wire or strap Earthing (if into a socket earth and grounding if into the soil or earth outside)

Unlaminated to ground via copper wire

“What Is Earthing?”

Physically touching the earth

Simply bare feet on soil or touching a tree, on or of the ground.

Feet on Earth is called Earthing

Sand, Grass, Sea, Earth

“More On Grounding”

Strap grounding is also commonly used in the electronics industry, where extremely sensitive and small electronic components (such as chips etc) require protection from static energy discharges by humans wearing clothes or walking on flooring etc which can generate a lot of static electricity. That electricity can then be stored and then later discharged into anything holding less charge….such as a newly constructed circuit or electronic component!

A bare copper strap is located on the wrist of the person in question and a coated copper wire then attaches between the strap and the earth terminal of the wall socket.

A similar set up can be used in conjunction with an ESD plug in your own plug socket at home connected to a bare 1 – 1.5mm diameter copper/ modelling wire. The coating is not required in a non commercial application and you can wrap the wire around a wrist or other body part. Alternatively you can purchase grounding straps and use coated copper wire, I recommend using bare wire.

You can also use a similar copper wire setup and run this out of a bedroom window then to a stake in the earth outside, this would now be regarded as grounding.

“Supporting scientific evidence?”

What is the supporting scientific evidence?

– Bandages applied to an area and the area grounded to speed up injuries used in Tour De France competition.

Reduces inflammation (2005 study)

Accompany Grounding/Earthing with:

Sun Gazing

Sunlight in eyes, triggering Melatonin production = Serotonin elevation. Increases mood, alertness and better sleep (also BDNF !! [fasting] mental and physical health)

Blink to protect eyes, but get sunlight into your eyes

SAD lamp for winter

Peer reviewed literature on negative ionization (running water/moving bodies of water) negative ionization. Sea which includes elevated levels of air/ozone bound iodine.

There are positive health benefits for being near bodies of water.

Negative ionization technology (few studies, but did not achieve the same beneficial levels as nature)

Forest Bathing – enhanced emotional and physical health benefits.

“Types of evidence explained”

Hypothesis is a stance where results must be observable and repeatable and where experiments are used, either negating or evaluating the outputs. This information is not from anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotal evidence is whereby people who are applying certain health protocols and are not accurately measuring outcomes but are reporting beneficial health outcomes, the evidence is said to be “anecdotal”. This evidence is weaker but should be considered for further and more detailed science based investigation.

Controlled studies where confounding variables are removed.

Currently we have limited data where confounding variables are negated enough to show a clinically based result outcome, which is then repeated amongst a large cohort in the exact same way.           

“In Conclusion”

Overall we need to consider all of the aforementioned elements.
Simply considering only one or two of the above elements will lead to likely long term failure. By considering the above grounding and earthing practices, it will mean that you achieve your weight management goals year after year into older age, whilst carrying forward the strength and immunity required for overall longevity and increased health span.
Any long term health protocol should include consideration of immune function, inflammation reduction, and any protocol may be adapted to suit each individual.
Any long term health and weight management protocol should include bio-hacking.

Bio-hacking is the practice of making changes to your lifestyle (diet) and environment in order to optimize your physical and mental health. It can involve techniques like meditation, nutrition, exercise, protocols (such as grounding and earthing) as well as high grade supplementation to improve overall wellbeing……
[continued below]

It can also involve more advanced practices such as organ and body output monitoring as well as using nootropics to enhance cognitive function.

Couple these grounding and earthing principles with the ZGPT Protocol:

Find the ZGPT eBook (click here)

Grounding and Earthing Biohacking Protocols
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