Why Inline Skating/ Rollerblading is the best exercise.

If you’re reading this because you’ve seen the Title and Heading of this Blog post article, you’ll know roughly or loosely, what this article is going to be about.
Always wear protective equipment as a beginner and learn to fall and stop correctly early on.

This is an objective view on why I believe the act of Inline Skating (also including Ice Skating) is without question one of, if not the most, optimum forms of exercise available to the ‘modern human’.
  Of course there are other forms of less impacting exercises; which won’t render you requiring hip or knee surgery by the time you are at middle age (whilst in the pursuit of “optimum fitness”, “health” or conditioning). These other less impacting exercises might include the act of skateboarding, bicycle riding, wild swimming, walking, skipping, hill/step sprinting and a myriad of other assisted or unassisted forms of movement.

The reason why I believe Inline Skating to be truly optimal as a Low Impact exercise solution, is that once the basic skills are mastered, it opens up HUGE opportunities to not only attain ‘VO2 Max’ (Optimal Cardiovascular Operational Levels over a longer distance and or duration; for the age and or health level you are at), but to engage specific major and minor muscle groups, that are not always (regularly) activated, and which do not incur ‘sustained’ (or where the impact can effect consistency) activation during such exercise or recreational activities as:

  • Skateboarding
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Regular Running
  • Flat Foot Running
  • Walking
  • Court Sports
  • Pitch Sports

In addition there are increased opportunities to involve yourself in the act of ‘Inline Skating’ (for fun and fitness) and of course Quad ‘Rollerskating’; across a whole plethora of different technical disciplines and therefore across a much wider range of social settings and increasing communities and sub set communities within Inline Skating. In basic terms, Inline Skating or Skating in general has the potential for more social diversity and therefore potentially increased Mental Health benefits as well. Of course you can be as socially inclusive or not as you desire, but you will often find the skating community to be entirely non-judgmental, friendly and very welcoming to all levels of skill, as well as supportive.

Of course I have not yet even mentioned the specific mechanical advantages of Inline Skating. Apart from the ability to burn 1000’s of calories each time; with almost no stress to the joints, resulting in the ability to carry out the activity of Inline Skating (or skating in general) more frequently each week due to the upsides of:

1) Increasing enjoyment, Learning, Skill Unlocking and Achievements.

2) Low Impact; Joints: knees, hips, pelvis, lower spine.

3) Increased Recovery due to very low or no impact.

4) Increasing strength in legs and core: Spinal column (muscles), core, hips, flexors, pelvic floor, major leg muscles etc.

5) Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness Level.

6) Increase feeling of well-being and (friendly) community.

7) Gait improvement in every day life.

8) Bodily co-ordination and balance improvement (in every day life).

9) Outside and Inside options (ability to exercise every week of the year) consistency rain, shine or snow.

10) Inside skating option, more slippery wooden floors; allow easier sliding for beginners who may fall, as opposed to grippier concrete surfaces where the stop or low speed fall is more abrupt/ abrasive (no issue with safety equipment).

11) Low inflammation profile exercise (when combined with specific dietary changes or protocols).

I have been in the fitness, biohacking, conditioning and longevity game for some time now. At my current age of writing this (I won’t disclose my age here , hah) I have tried most of the higher impact options including regular hill running, trails, ultra marathons; and even swimming has some major drawbacks, in terms of the chlorimination of the pool and for outside or wild swimming, there will be some amount of discomfort swimming in 4 degree water in the winter, unless you are lucky enough to live close to a heated salt water pool. As well as the fact that with swimming, there is no really meaningful engagement in the muscle groups aforementioned above; of course swimming may have its specific advantages in some area or another, as well as bicycle riding, skateboarding etc.

But for a majority of, IMO major advantages over disadvantages, once basic skills are overcome, in the area of Inline Skating; it is in my opinion that Inline Skating reigns as a supreme and consistently attainable exercise for all of the reasons stated above.

If you feel I could touch on any other subjects surrounding Inline Skating benefits, let me know Leave A Comment Below In Comment Section; I will add the comment, plus addition/s and quote you in the text 🙂

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Below Video; Example of Magic Slide “Stop” With Inline Skates:

Why Inline Skating Is The Best Exercise Ever Invented

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