Welcome to the Plantbased Runners Blog and Resource Website. My name is Gaz and I upload natural health information that I have discovered and utilize to maintain optimum health.
I am a 20 year plus Plantbased Athlete and use Biohacking principles to maintain my body for optimum performance in various physical activities such as trail running, inline skating for fitness and calisthenics training.

Below is my Vitality Elixir which is one of a few ways in which I maintain high vitality and body condition. You can learn more about the Vitality Elixir or go visit my Blog for Films, Informational Videos and more. I am going to be adding my Free Biohacking and Weight Management Guide soon, you can also sign up to get emailed monthly Blog updates here


A Blog about plantbased, health, biohacking and running, also covers natures ability to heal and prevent illness

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