Welcome to the Plantbased Runners Blog and Resource Website.

My name is Gaz and I upload natural health information that I have discovered and utilize to maintain overall optimal health.

I am a 20 year plus Plantbased “Athlete” and use Biohacking principles to maintain my body for optimum performance in various physical activities such as trail running, inline skating for fitness and calisthenics/ street workout body weight training.

I am currently in the process of launching a dietary, biohacking and training protocol named Z-GPT (Zero Gelatinization Protocol & Training) which will be a series of Micro E-Books including my personal Plantbased Diet Protocol and FREE Biohacking Schedule.

All of which will be very simple to integrate into any busy lifestyle, for more information (U+21b7);

Does Your Herbalist Appear Like This? If Not, Perhaps Consider a Different Herbalist. I am a “Herbalist” and “Health Coach” with proven results and over 20 years protocol application experience.

Below is my Vitality Elixir which is one of a few ways in which I maintain high vitality and body condition. You can learn more about the Vitality Elixir or go visit my Blog for Films, Informational Videos and more. I am going to be adding my Free Biohacking and Weight Management Guide soon, you can also sign up to get emailed monthly Blog updates here


A Blog about plantbased, health, biohacking and running, also covers natures ability to heal and prevent illness

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