In this post I hope to share with you the way in which you can make best use of this potent healing herb. Always source the best possible supply of this root, for ease, in the powdered form. Ensure you buy from a reputable source which is also organic.

Share to PinterestShare to GmailShare to Facebook It is also possible to buy turmeric root stem and make this into a paste instead of using the powdered form, for this example I will be using a powdered form because it is much faster, clean and efficient. There could potentially be some live enzyme loss in the drying, grinding and powdering process, so fresh Turmeric may be advantageous. Please find scientific sources at the bottom of this post.

What can Turmeric do? Why should I bother?

Turmeric is known for its benefits to digestion, immune function, liver health and even potential protection from cancer. Curcumin is the active substance in Turmeric, Turmeric may stop the action of a liver enzyme that activates environmental toxins into carcinogenic form. Turmeric in the diet increases production of enzymes which digest fats and sugars, and can stop cholesterol forming gallstones. Turmeric prevents the release of histamine in the human stomach, potentially counteracting food allergies and gum inflammation, reducing bad breath and gingivitis. From my own personal expericence, I have utilized Turmeric based Golden Milk to counteract swelling in the mouth, tongue and preventing mouth based ulcers.

Why do you add Piperine to the Turmeric? (Piperine is in ground black pepper)

Piperine, is an alkaloid present in black pepper, and appears to enhance the bioavailability and activity of curcumin in Turmeric. This has been shown in many scientific case studies.

What is the ratio of Turmeric to Piperine (in ground black pepper)

The recommended ratio of Turmeric to Black Pepper is around 100:1, however to a point, the more Piperine (black pepper) added the more potent the activity of the Turmeric solution, increasing effectiveness by over 2000% ! Please note that adding too much piperine too soon can cause some sensitivity in the gut. So add the black pepper a pinch at a time until you are happy you are not adversley affected. As you will see in the pictures below, I did not hold back on my use of piperine (black pepper) to no ill effect whatsoever.

The Recipe, how to: Time to make: 2 minutes

Turmeric, Ground Black Pepper, Filtered water, Coconut Mango Yoghurt or Mango Fruit pureed, (improves taste) Coconut milk


1) Take Turmeric and Black Pepper ratio 100:1 (100g Turmeric and 1g Black Pepper) increase black pepper amount as required (start low) to taste and see if you are sensitive to black pepper.




2) Add the Turmeric and Ground Black Pepper to the water


3) Blend/Mix the Turmeric and Ground Pepper


4) Now add the coconut, mango yoghurt and pour in the coconut milk.


5) Ready to Drink


Scientific Information Sources

Newcastle University Study, reported on by BBC, finds Anti Cancer Activity in Turmeric 27 September 2016

Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe and Health Benefits
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