Chris Kresser, nice guy and I respect his views. What I thought about Chris’s statement “Why Fish Stomps on Flax”

There seems to be a move on this particular Chris Kresser blog post, to get a lot of non animal product consumers, very uptight or concerned about this potential EPA and DHA supplementation issue.

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My personal view, is that when considering the amount of people who regularly indulge in the consumption of alcohol and the impact this has on the excretion of highly important pancreatic enzymes and liver function, this would seem to be more of a worry and most likely why there is such a high rate of myocardial infarctions (MIs) amongst other contributory factors attributed to the high w6 animal product intake and EVEN minimum requirement animal product intake due to malabsorption. Are we getting worried with good reason because there are a large number of vegan MIs occurring? Where are the large scale studies that EPA and DHA deficiencies are relating to a large number of vegan infarcts? Surely the fish cannot synthesize w3, so in light of this, surely a natural supplementation of sea vegetables or specific non mycotoxin inclusive algaes would provide sufficient dietary intake. Additionally it would seem that there is a lot of contamination of heavy metals, irradiation, plastics and other issues, surrounding modern day fish consumption.

The Chris Kresser Blog Here Don’t get me wrong, I think any widespread deficiency is worthy of having its profile raised. But to champion an animal derived food supplement because it fits the profile of the target demographic of your readership, without providing sufficient clarity, is not really great. Especially when that same demographic are likely to be generating the deficiency in the first place by allowing alcohol and an excess of animal derived fatty acids into their diet anyway. Perhaps we need to start at the very beginning and the potential root cause for most demographics.

Chris Kresser “Why Fish Stomps on Flax” ALA, EPA, DHA supplementing
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