My first post, is I believe, the most important message to put out there, regarding the additives in municipal tap water AND also the potential for pesticides, heavy metals and other nasties that are all too easily able to leech into our tap water systems.

My personal journey with water purity began when I dismissed the information given to me by an acquaintance. I was having issues with joint pain, having weight lifted from novice to committed gym lifter, over an 18 year period. The issues were related to acute burning and stabbing pain in the wrists and elbows, as well as lower back pain also. An acquaintance mentioned in an online conversation, that “water purity was of great importance”, I dismissed this as probable quackery. However the pain eventually became so acute, I was unable to lift a weight without burning sensations in all arm and most finger joints and at night the burning and stabbing was unbearable.

Bearing in mind I had adopted a plant only diet for the previous 9 years before that. I couldn’t understand, how if my diet was so clean, I could be suffering these joint issues. Although my family does have a history of both worst cases of Arthritis, my assumption was that I may be following suit!!

At this point I went back to my online friend and mentioned that I was keen to try out anything that could be of benefit to my situation, than to pursue a medical solution. He mentioned Reverse Osmosis and after researching the many advantages and not so many ‘disadvantages’ I decided it was time to give it a go. I purchased my first under-sink unit.

Once I had the 5 stage filtered water coming from the tap (Faucet) after an easy installation of the filter equipment….I drank only that water for the next few days….incredibly the pain subsided….within 3-4 days the pain was almost gone!

Reverse Osmosis System Click Image Below


I then supplemented with a powerful anti inflammatory, Spirulina (a blue green algae)….and this seemed to literally clear the pain up completely, I was astounded! Within 3 weeks, I was back on the weights again and little to no pain or discomfort. It did take a small while for the burning to clear up completely, I can only assume that the pathogenic nature of what exists in municipal tap water takes a while to dissipate and be assimilated by the body.

Many months later I spoke with a GMC registered doctor on the subject in an informal conversation…..and I was amazed at what was said. The conversation went like: Me: I had inflammation in my elbow joints, wrists and finger joints and was waking up at night with the pain of it and could not lift weights as I had done. I changed my drinking water and later supplemented with spirulina and the pain went. Doctor: I would prescribe Cortisone injections for that. Me: But I cured the issue with filtered water and spirulina though, I can lift weights again without inflammation or pain. Doctor: Oh I see….(bemused look on face) Please take a look at the short video below….just watch the first 60 seconds….it has massively benefited my life and improving your water quality will help you too.

Distilled Water is Superior To Filtered Water
Water Distiller with Glass Jug

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Houston starts by telling us briefly what Reverse Osmosis (“R.O”) water filters remove from tap water. Please watch the whole video, including ‘water restructuring’ (as restructuring water is important)

NOTE [added 30/10/14]: This video has recently been made private and edited to remove vital information by Dr Mercola, under pressure by The Chlorine Council, who by their own admission state “VOCs Cause Cancer”. We hope to bring you a new video to bring you vital information to aid in your longevity.

Here is the video below, the gap at 2mins 18 secs is the removal of vital information forcibly removed by The Chlorine Council!!! Dr Mercola Video – with Chlorine Disinfectant information removed.

Scientific Data and Resource – Chlorine Concentrations: Source

Municipal Tap Water Contains Up To 4 parts per million (ppm) in municipal tap water, the lethal dose is 30 ppm to 50 ppm. [The effects of a Pro Inflammatory toxin, with a relatively low lethal dosage are cumulative].

Water Authorities: Source Nature:

The Water Authorities Admit to “Not knowing exactly” what is actually in Chlorinated Municipal Tap Water: Source Nature: “in the UK, only THMs are regulated (and therefore measured to any great extent [so they don’t even know what’s in tap water]) and are used as an indicator of total DBP concentration [again, they are basing knowledge on assumption]”

Bromodichloromethane: Source Wikipedia:

Is a trihalomethane with formula CHBrCl2.

Bromodichloromethane has been formerly used as a flame retardant, and a solvent for fats and waxes and because of its high density for mineral separation. Now it is only used as a reagent or intermediate in organic chemistry.

Bromodichloromethane can also occur in municipally-treated drinking water as a by-product of the chlorine disinfection process.

Chlorine Exposure Link: Source Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine:

“Joseph G. Hattersley, writing in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine in 2000, cites numerous studies linking exposure to high levels of chlorine to a higher risk of diseases such as melanoma, bladder and rectal cancer and asthma. The term “swimmer’s asthma is becoming common as more cases of asthma are linked to competitive swimming in indoor pools. Reducing the disease risks entails reducing the amount of chlorine in swimming pools or switching to an alternative water-treatment method.”

The issue today is that Chloramine is now being favoured over free Chlorine, because Chloramine is Chlorine Gas bound to Ammonia. The issue being is that Chloramine does not leave the water and escape as a gas when left for a period of time. The only way to successfully remove Chloramine is by forcing the water (using for example a Reverse Osmosis System) through a 5 Micron and sediment cartridge of Activated Charcoal, thus breaking the Chloramine bond. The Ammonia and Resulting Chlorine can then be removed in the Reverse Osmosis Screen. Then another filtration stage could be the use of a distiller, with a final activated carbon sachet/filter, to produce zero water. This water can then be restructured by buffering, or drank as Zero water.

**The Author of this page recognises the use of anti-bacterial/microbial additives in Municipal Tap Water is a requirement, however The Author also recognises that an advisory to filter Tap Water prior to home bathing and consumption should be mandatory**


Very interesting infomercial on water purity (see below). This website has no affiliation with the video source (for information only)

Eminent Health Reporter and Researcher talks about Chlorine, Fluoride and their involvement in cellular harm. Contains Scientific Source. Recommended to watch the entire video.

Why Everyone Should Be Filtering Tap Water of Chlorine
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